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Pay your bill by Visa or MasterCard

Payment Options

Welland Hydro-Electric System Corp. offers a variety of methods for bill payment:


In Person

You can visit our Customer Service Centre at 950 East Main Street during our regular office hours.


Bill payment can be made by debit, cash, cheque (personal and certified) or money order.


By Credit Card

Paymentus - MasterCard and Visa


Credit card payments (MasterCard or Visa) can be made using the Paymentus toll-free number which is 1-866-874-0797 or via their website. Welland Hydro does not retain any portion of the service fee charged, and any transaction fees associated with the use of this service will be billed to the card holder. Current service fee charge is 1.75%.


By Mail

Please return the top portion of your bill, with your payment.

Send your cheque or money order to:

Welland Hydro-Electric System Corp.
PO Box 280
950 East Main Street
Welland, ON. L3B 5P6
(Please include your electrical account number on your cheque or money order)


Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

By having your bill payments automatically deducted from your bank account each due date with the pre-authorized payment plan, you save time and never have to worry your bill not being paid on time.

Click here to fill our our online authorization form.



Through Your Financial Institution (in person or online)

Your bill may be paid at your local bank or trust company during regular business hours. As well, most financial institutions have online banking where you can set up Welland Hydro-Electric System Corp. as a payee.



TeleBanking is available through most banks and trust companies, allowing you to pay your bill simply using your touch tone phone.


Assistance for Low Income Customers

To learn more about LEAP Funding and the Arrears Management Program, click on the link below:

LEAP Funding and Arrears Management Program